2018 Dilworth Build

2018 Dilworth Build

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Sandy Johnson and her 8-year-old daughter currently live in an outdated, old apartment building in South Moorhead. There is black mold and many updates that need to be done. Until recently, the entry to the building was not secure and anyone could walk in and up the stairs. The apartment isn’t the safe and comfortable home Johnson envisioned her daughter growing up in. They make do but can’t wait for the safety their new home will provide.

Sandy first heard about Habitat in 2015 when her niece was chosen to partner with Douglas County Habitat. She spoke highly of the process and encouraged Sandy to turn in an application. Johnson decided to turn in an application in July of 2017 but did not have high expectations, “I didn’t think it was for me.” Since then, Sandy has met multiple people who have partnered with Habitat, “once I found one person who’d been blessed, I found out more and more who had been through this or know someone who has.”

“The call from Jackie at Habitat came at the perfect time.” Sandy’s daughter had been in the hospital with a blood infection. A time that was scary, difficult, and stressful for the family. A breath of relief and dreams of family celebrations and the memories that Sandy and her daughter would be making in their very own home quickly set in. Her daughter’s first question was “will you build me a treehouse?” She can’t wait to begin working on her house (and eventually a treehouse!)

Sandy has been very involved in the whole process, especially the sweat-equity requirement for all Habitat homeowners and believes it makes the experience more meaningful. “I’ll love my home even more because I got to help build it with my own hands.”

Sandy and her daughter are very thankful for being chosen to partner with Habitat and would like to thank everyone for their time, donations, and support. They look forward to staying connected with Habitat and giving back to the community and future families because Habitat helps transform families like hers.

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Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity

Campaign to Support Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity (LAHFH) is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization operated on Christian principles that seeks to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope. LAHFH is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing locally and worldwide through constructing, rehabilitating and preserving homes; by advocating for fair and just housing policies; and by providing training and access to resources to help families improve their shelter conditions. Habitat for Humanity was founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety, and that decent shelter in decent communities should be a matter of conscience and action for all. We partner with local businesses, churches and volunteers to help build homes with qualifying families. Volunteers provide most of the labor, and individual and corporate donors provide money and materials to build Habitat houses. Most importantly, partner families play a large role in the building of the home. They invest 250 hours of labor - "sweat equity" - into building their homes and the homes of others. They also make interest-free mortgage payments which go into a fund that is used to build more houses.

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